Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well, well, well. Here I am 13 days from my last blog. 13 days of eating anything and everything including being back on Coke. I really think I am an addict. All I can say at this point is that I need redirection and I need support. My church is starting the First Place program in September. Maybe I need to be where there are plenty of people to turn to when the going gets tough. Not sure what the answer is except I know Jesus is still the answer and He is there for me.


  1. We all fall down, remember watching your children learn to walk. Just because you fall it doesn't mean that you fail. You know you fell because now you are conscious of it, and that's a big progress.

  2. Sheri, ALL of the program work, when YOU are ready. It doesn't matter whether it's a bible based one or Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, or by yourself or in a group. What matters is you and your mind and emotions. When you are ready, you are ready. When you are not ready, nothing will work and they may just make you feel worse about yourself. Don't let them. It's better to quit or not start then to be constantly beating yourself up because you're not "following" whatever program because you're not ready. You haven't failed, you're just not in the right place at the moment. Maybe the best thing to do is to make one change and not worry about any other changes, maybe the best thing to do is nothing, maybe the best thing to do is to jump in with both feet and tread water for dear life. It's up to you to chose what the correct path is for you.