Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Week Three, Day Two

Oh boy. I think today I had no problem eating the amount of calories I am allowed. The girls and I ate at the mall. I chose China King. Now I had heard that chinese food has more fat and calories than you would think so I looked it up when I got home. Yikes! I think the plate I ordered had at least 1000 calories. Now that is just not right! Thankfully, I didn't eat it all. I left half my rice and half my Honey Chicken. I did eat the whole egg roll. I love those things. So, I am estimating that I had a whopping 700-800 calories for lunch. Even if I had a 1000 I am still under 1698 for the day. But, with leaving part of the food untouched I probably did okay. More later, I think I need a bike ride.

Deut. 30:11-14
Oh, this is good.

God is impressing on me that:
The strength that I need to do the right thing and His will is as close as my heart and my mouth. He has already given me the words. I don't need to look elsewhere.

I've share that:
I want the Lord to be very near me every step I take and teach me to lean on Him.

Thought for the day:
Sometimes when it seems easy is when I am not doing the right thing.

Challenge: My hope can be summed up today in the following words...

I hope that each day I get more and more lost in Jesus love and walk more and more in the light that He is.

Food Diary
I did not eat regular meals. I was too much on the go.
Breakfast: graham crackers, peanut butter/honey, Silk
380 calories
Lunch or Lupper (that's lunch and supper together) :)
China King food- mega calories! About 800
snack: salmon 183 calories
bev. tea and water-100 ca.
Total calories: 1363

Biking for about 10 minutes. That's all my sore arm could take.

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  1. I think that it's great to go out and have what you like but the realize that maybe it was more than you need. Restaurant helpings are notorious for being too large. Doggy Bag. LOL. If it's an occasional treat say once a month then don't worry but when it becomes the norm, oops that's when to worry. LOL. BTW, don't touch Red Lobster cheese biscuits, they are like 600 calories EACH! I could be wrong, they may be more, we don't have an RL here but when I was in the city I made the mistake of reading the calorie chart on the back of the menu.