Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week Three, Day One

Now, it is getting down to the nitty gritty. I am being faced with changes that I need to make. One thing I have got to work on this week is actually eating more if you can imagine that! My fear of eating too much is causing me to not eat enough most days. That has to change because I am still not seeking the Lord enough about what I should eat.

Yes, the calorie limit really surprised me and I will have to wrap my mind around that because the old me is saying I can't lose weight if I eat that many calories. 1689? Are you serious?

Deut. 29:9-11
The Lord is impressing on me that:
That what matters is that I grow in Him and know His will for my life.

I've shared with Him that:
I need a radical change in my thinking.

Thoughts I had to day were:
About God's goodness and love and His power to change lives.

Changes I need to make in food choices:
I am not eating enough for fear of eating too much. That is not giving God control.

Goals for this week include:
1. Really seek what God wants
2.Cook healthy meals
3.walk and ride my bike
4.Eat more and better food
5. Encourage my partners

Food Diary (it doesn't look good)
Breakfast: almond snack bar, Silk
Lunch: PB&J sandwich,water
Supper:Taco Bell crunch wrap
snack: salmon
Not a fruit or or veggie in the whole days. Sheesh.

I didn't count calories today because I didn't do the lesson till night and didn't realize I was suppose to but I will from now on.

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