Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week Two, Day Two

It's been a day of learning. I have been very irritable for the past three days. Today as I did my devotions the Lord seemed to be telling me at least part of the reason if not all. Alexis had mentioned in one of her blogs that she loves when bible studies that you are doing crossover. Today's lesson was exactly what I read in my Women of Beauty bible study just a few days ago. It really sank in today.

Phillipians 2:1-4

The Lord impressed on me that:I have been depressed this week because I was focusing too much on me and not enough on others doing this study.

I've shared with the Lord: Thank you Lord for showing me this and I ask you to help me be aware of others and not just myself.

To be a good prayer partner I will change:

  • How I pray
  • How I communicate
  • How I listen

A victory I had today: I really wanted a Coke so bad on my way to get Amy from crosscountry practice. I swung into the market and got a water instead.

Food Diary

Breakfast: raisin toast
Lunch: potato salad, green beans, green onions, tea
Supper: Lean Cuisine 3/4 of one, tomato sandwich, tea

I did not do well with veggies and fruits today. Only 3 servings.

I walked with Amy and Jazzie for 30 minutes.

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