Saturday, June 13, 2009

Study 1, Week 1, Day 1

My online friends Wyndy, Wanda and Alexis were talking about the weight loss bible study they were doing. I wanted to get in on it so I checked it out and here I am. I am excited already just from reading the bible verses for Day One. Wow! What could be more encouraging to someone who has a hard time letting go of past failures, hurts, and junk than to read that God wants me to forget. He tells me to forget it! I needed to hear that and even though I have read those verses before this was the day I let it sink in.

God is impressing on me that: He wants me to totally let go of my past. All the failures, shortcomings, and bad things that have happened even as recently as yesterday if I need to. Because, He is going to do a new thing in my life.

I've shared with the Lord that: With his help and loving reminders I will let go and let Him heal me of those hurts. I will let him do a new thing in my life.

Thoughts I had today: It's hard to say this but I am going to be honest. I had a lousy day. My thoughts were filled with negative things. I find that when I am alone I dwell on hurts from the past. They just seem to flood my mind and I can't stop them. I dropped my kids off at their favorite Saturday night hang out, our church, and I found myself alone......again. So, I came home and looked up the bible study and read Isaiah 43:18-19. Just what I needed. Thank you Lord. What are my thoughts now? Ones of hope.


  1. It's so difficult to get those thoughts under control, especially when you are alone in the house. I find that I can become quite negative when my hubby is away for the week. Then of course I eat, and then I get mad at myself, and eat some more. Guess what, I'm an emotional eater. Hey, I better say WAS an emotional eater. I'm letting God heal that vice. Sheri, welcome to the group, with your support we are all going to succeed in letting God change our lives into healthy ones. He can do all things including miracles. We may have to work through some blocks but we will achieve prosperity in our healthy eating lives with His help.

  2. Thank you Wyndy. It's good to be here and get that much needed support from you all.

  3. Hey Sheri, good to have you aboard sister. Will be in prayer sister that you will be able to take your thoughts captives as they come. They can turn us into slaves, can't they? Love you. HUGSSSSSS

  4. Hi Sheri and welcome aboard! It's great to have you join us and I am looking forward to this journey together. I too have realized I was an emotional eater I am learning to take it to JESUS when I look to food instead of HIM. Love you bunches and just know that HE WILL CARRY YOU THROUGH!

  5. Thanks you guys! I love you!