Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I Corinthians 12:12-26

This is using the human body to illustrate how the body of Christ (his people) should be toward one another. Even though everyone is different there is no one who is not needed. We all have a function to carry out.

God is impressing on me: To care and to share in my sister's needs and to rejoice when they rejoice. To help them know that they are important and encourage them in their abilities.

I've shared with the Lord that: At times I am jealous of what others can do and good things that happen to them. Like when I see happy couples, it is hard for me to rejoice with them, but I know I should. Jesus wants me to. When others lose weight faster or are already slim I sometimes get uncomfortable around them. Lord, help me to have your thoughts and the right attitude toward good things that happen to others.

A victory I had today
I took a walk when I really didn't want to.

Food Diary
Breakfast: one cream puff, cereal and milk
Lunch: no lunch (ducking and running from Wyndy)
Supper: Ham and bean soup, cucumbers, tomatoes
Snacks: iced tea, apple
I had about 48 ounces of water today.

I walked Jazzie for 20 minutes

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