Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week One, Day Six

I made it! It's actually the sixth day and I have had a pretty successful week so far. I almost forgot to eat supper today, though. I was not even hungry and realized I hadn't eaten. It's hard to keep a schedule when you are running kids here and there all day. I am going to have to work on how I can do that better.

What would I expect God to do for me in:

1. Eating habits- Help me get organized to be able to cook healthy meals and give me strength to say no to things that will sabotage my weight loss.

2. Attitude about my weight- Give me confidence in myself no matter what I weigh

3. Attitude about over-weight people- compassion

4. Attitude toward thin people- to not envy them and feel uncomfortable around them

What new principles has the Lord taught me this week:

1. To put the past behind me. Don't think about it. Look to now.
2. He listens to me and he thinks of me all the time
3. He will do the changing in me and will do it for His glory.

How can I be more faithful next week?:

1.Get up earlier and organize my day better so I have time to cook and eat at home.
2. Ask Him for guidance more

What are ways I can stray from the Father's love and protection?:

Doing things on impulse instead of thinking about what He would want me to do.
I will arise and go to my Father........I can run to Him all the time, anytime, for anything.

Victories from my first week:
I have lost some weight (I peeked early)
I haven't had a Coke for 5 days
I'm eating healthier

Defeats from my first week:
I had one bad part of the day when I was depressed and angry but I prayed and He helped me get over it. Lord, help me to continue to look to you for my joy.

Goal that I accomplished:
I had two goals for the first week: Be faithful to the study replace Coke with water and juice. I was successful in both goals PTL!

I am surrendering to God: My appetite and my lack of motivation
I am choosing to be more obedient in: getting up early and cooking healthy meals.

*note* I copied and pasted my questions and answers from Word here but it wouldn't allow it.

Anyway here is my week two goal list:

1. Continue No Coke, More Water
2.Eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies each day
3.Get up at 7 a.m. every morning
4.Cook more healthy meals
5.Walk at least 20 minutes per day at least 5 times in the week.


  1. Excellent, congratulations that is a great accomplishment. I see that you have one of my problems, being energetic enough to bother with making a good healthy supper. When I am alone I often only eat a pb sandwich or a michalini's frozen lunch late in the evening. Neither of which is healthy but I suppose better than chips! Being a mom, I'm sure that you have some very insistent voices requesting supper on time. I am still working on those 5 fruits and vegetables a day, when I write them out it looks so easy but actually doing it, well that's another story.

  2. In response to your comment:

    LOL, we all have THOSE kinds of setbacks. Good thing we are forgiven and can pick up and go from there. As for organizing menus and meals, yes, I used to do that when I worked in an office waaaaaaay back in the 70's and 80's. I was very organized back then. Sigh I don't know if it was pathetic or admirable. ROFLOL.